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Gap Gator

Eliminates the gap between safety cover and raised wall area and is not limited to new pool construction. Can be used on existing vinyl as well as any type pools.

Allows the safety cover to move or flex while the Gap Gator™ remains stationary and attached to anchor system. Retrofits to any existing wall treatment with anchor and cable system. With Dual Action Protection, the safety cover is sandwiched between upper and lower Gap Gator ™ chambers.

Manufactured in any size or radius to fit any and all shapes. Stock and custom sizes available to fit all radiuses.

Zippered ends allow floatation and can be removed and stored separately. Ease of storage. Gap Gator™ is separate from the safety cover.

Peace of mind. When pool is opened, be assured that the pool will be clean and free of debris, animals, rodents, etc. from getting into pool.

*Patent Pending

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